Edward Vcp


    Greetings... Welcome to my lil website.. Read through my collection of poems and novels. Feel free to leave your comments through CONTACT page. To start with, here's a poem on the importance of time (My all time favourite).

Terrible Is Man’s Experience with TIME

Time though abstract and unkind,

If lost, is hard for man to find.

Man, through his inventions, controls

Everything on earth except time’s patrols

Time takes charge of velocity and force;

It instructs nature in its course;

Makes it to rain or not, and whether

Earthlings should have sunny or windy weather.

The life of all men, small and great,

Is dependent of time-It’s fate!

Making man grow old and weary with age,

Every man’s life, altered by it, stage by stage.

Though time, standing with weapons,so brave and great,

It cannot come anywhere near intellect.

Man’s only way to war against time is -

Employ his brain and make the most of it.

Copyright © 2014 Edward Vcp